Stylise your home office

When working from home, your office space doesn’t have to look plain and boring. Working in a creative environment can actually motivate you to stay in your working space for longer. The first thing to start stylising in your office is of course the staple piece of the room- your office table. This is the area that you will work on mostly so why not make it an attractive space.

For the artist

When you are creating a work of art you need a wide amount of space to spread your many tools needed for the job. This cherry finished dual desk has a curved seating area and is elongated in length. There are also two draws to store equipment as well as 4 AC outlets- the perfect desk for the creative.

Own a piece of history

If you are looking for something a little different for the office which will be sure to start a conversation you should look into investing an antique table. Available in all shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for a desk or for decoration, an antique table will add character to any given space. When buying antiques, try and buy from a specialist. That way you can be sure that you’re buying real heritage. Try someone like Love Antiques.

The modernist

A clean and simple minimalistic look will be sure to create an organised looking office. If you are working in a small area it is best to make the most of the space you have with storage. This desk from Ikea comes with integrated storage, idea for books, notepads and whatever you so wish to keep to hand. Depending on your colour scheme, this desk is available in 3 colour variations.

Office inspiration

Sometimes to design a blank space can often be hard to find a starting point, you may need some inspiration to help. Looking at how other people design their home office is a great way to pick up on ideas and may inspire you to recreate the look for yourself. Depending on the type of work you do will help frame the style of office you so desire. If you are a creative type you may want to brighten the room with fresh colours to keep it alive or if your office needs to be equipped for meetings you should make your interior design unique so that it is one to be remembered with potential business leads. Your home office is probably one of the areas of your home that you will spend most of your time in, so make sure your chosen design is accustomed to your acquired taste.

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