Quickly look at the design of Museum University of Navarra

After 2 years construction began, the Museum University of Navarra will be inaugurated in early 2015 and it features a design by the architect Rafael Moneo to blend into the natural landscape as well as become an integral part of the existing campus.
With the purpose of bringing together the art and photography collections of the Spanish university as well as a performing arts program that is located in the 750 seat auditorium. The complex spreads over a surface of 12000 square meters and is divided into three floors.
There are 12 exhibition spaces in total and the other amenities include a restaurant, library, classroom, two workshops, two projection rooms, office spaces and storage areas with a linear layout that is built as a series of concrete boxes with a roof terrace as an additional level. The main materials inside are concrete with textured panels, glass and timber for a balanced and well thought ambiance.

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