Luxurious contemporary apartment in Nice, France

Located in Nice, France this luxurious contemporary apartment is the dreamed house of many people because of its interior design.
The interior designer Callender Howorth from London bring up to date a space that wasn’t renovated in over 50 years, so it needed extensive modifications. The south of France is a great area and the apartment proved to be a great investment for the client due to the splendid location. The designers removed the unnecessary partitions inside to improve the efficiency of the layout and ensure a visual connection between the different programs with an open plan living area where the latest high-tech gadgets were incorporated.
The two large bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms and follow the same eclectic aesthetic tone of the living areas. The rooms are decorated with a selection of timeless elements combined with vintage pieces for more textures and with contemporary items like the dazzling chandelier above the dining area for a balanced and efficient mix.

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