A modern house with beautiful interior design and modern furniture

After a long day, we often come back home with hopes that home will be the peace place for us relaxing and entertaining. It is awesome if we own a modern house with beautiful design and modern furniture.
In fact, modern design is trending like crazy these days, and people whose focus is the functionality of their home go crazy for houses like this one designed by Yo Dezeen. The ultra-clean looks of modern-interiors make cleaning and entertaining a breeze; stress free, clutter free. What more could you ask for with a living room which provides amazing calming and relaxing features, as you sit on your couch soaking in the fresh breeze from your elegant French-door patio? The earthy overtones blended by harmonious green foliage can make anyone feel like they are living in Eden.

The beautiful wood-finished floors combined with wide-open floor plans will leave you begging your boss to send you home. Who wouldn’t t want to rush home to take a soothing bubble bath in your luxurious master bath, complete with polished marble flooring fit for a king and queen? Perfect for any minimalist, the light-colored walls add depth to just about every room in this house.

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